NA Guilds RecruitingNA
Hideout (Frostmourne)#233 #77
SOMA (Magtheridon)#307 #100
Cope (Frostmourne)#315 #105
Lucky Shot (Frostmourne)#353 #115
Astral (Turalyon)#371 #121
EU Guilds RecruitingEU
Curse of Years (Arathor)#378 #235
Inner Sanctum (Silvermoon)#1003 #609
Sodium (Ravencrest)#1062 #636
Retro (Silvermoon)#1234 #741
Magical Gathering (Draenor)#1830 #1107
Top NA RecruitsProgress
Liltaco (256 ilvl)[10/10 M]
Numila (251 ilvl)[10/10 M]
Skxx (253 ilvl)[9/10 M]
Pimoha (252 ilvl)[9/10 M]
Adilith (251 ilvl)[9/10 M]
Top EU RecruitsProgress
Niadorma (252 ilvl)[7/10 M]
Fillheat (252 ilvl)[5/10 M]
Deadson (251 ilvl)[5/10 M]
Fallaxqt (251 ilvl)[5/10 M]
Dasmer (251 ilvl)[5/10 M]
SoD Mythic and Classic UpdatesJul 23rd, 2021 11:46pm by Jase

With Sanctum of Domination being out for just over 2 weeks now, all tracking is being switched over to primarily use Mythic SoD (Not Heroic) for any default progress, info, recruiting, ect…

And to answer questions related to anything in Classic. Everything was switched over to Classic TBC. There are no plans at this time to have anything setup for Classic Vanilla.


Mythic Castle NathriaDec 15th, 2020 10:23am by Jase

With how difficult Mythic Castle Nathria is expected to be we will continue tracking and displaying Heroic progress over Mythic during this first week.

Recruit Finder now has a higher bump in iLvL sorting and starting next week everything everything will be switched to prioritize Mythic for all site functions.

Banner update and new WoW APIMar 24th, 2020 4:08pm by Jase

A couple quick little updates. First someone suggested using your guild progression rather than your own personal progression for the banners. The idea being if you have to sit on a certain boss or play an alt for required raid comps you will still get credit. This has now been implemented. If you are not in a guild it will still draw from your individual progress.

Second, you may have noticed some brief downtime with Player Info or slow updates on Guild \ Recruit Finder. WoW has recently migrated their API. We’ve also migrated to using their new API but there has been and probably will continue having random API downtime for the next little bit. Unfortunately nothing can be done about that on our end.

  • Legacy Ranks have been converted to a much easier format and new search options have been added to filter through legacy ranks.
  • Community forums are now up and running. (Using Discourse)
  • Classic support added.

Ranks Classic

The newest site addition is a WoW Classic section. Similar to the Guild Finder and Recruit Finder you will be able search and hopefully find yourself a new guild or recruit. Due to no API or Armory in Classic the information obtained isn’t quite as comprehensive as that of Retail WoW. Nonetheless it will make finding something that will work for you much easier.

NerftankProtection Warrior
Twitch Prime (#343)[10/10 M]
Method[ 0/10]
SenseProtection Warrior
Nurfed (#156)[10/10 M]
Fragnance DPS
Method[ 0/10]
Future[ 0/10]
Lazarus Imperative[ 0/10]
LørgokBalance Druid
Echo (#1)[10/10 M]
Complexity Limit (#2)[10/10 M]
JasedruidRestoration Druid
Nurfed (#156)[10/10 M]
[0/12 N]
TowellieeProtection Paladin
[0/10 N]
Method[ 0/10]
TeguFrost Death Knight
Future[ 0/10]
XybeanedDestruction Warlock
Complexity Limit (#2)[10/10 M]
NnoggieFrost Death Knight
Echo (#1)[10/10 M]
DisplacerzRestoration Druid
iKTB (#428)[10/10 M]
PreheatFire Mage
iKTB (#428)[10/10 M]
SpartyHoly Paladin
Death Jesters[3/10 M]
BerruaOutlaw Rogue
Entropy[ 0/10]
BayEnhancement Shaman
[0/12 N]