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» Player Info for Марусико
  Марусико (100 Troll Shaman) [Ревущий фьорд]
  Enchanting (700)
  Inscription (700)
  Cooking (575)
 Item Level:  703 [Equipped: 701]   Hellfire Citadel
  [13/13 N]   [12/13 H]   [0/13 M]
  Blackrock Foundry
  [10/10 N]   [10/10 H]   [10/10 M]
  [7/7 N]   [7/7 H]   [7/7 M]

 PR DPS/HPS Rank:  Unranked
 Pro Raiders Rank:  #779 for Restoration Shamans
 Achievement Points:  15785
  [Hellfire Citadel] Rank Points Change
   Hellfire Assault  
   Iron Reaver  
   Hellfire High Council  
   Kilrogg Deadeye  
   Shadow-Lord Iskar  
   Socrethar the Eternal  
   Tyrant Velhari #174 (80.7K ) 21   -19
   Fel Lord Zakuun  
   Xhul'horac #183 (39.8K ) 14   -24
   Mannoroth #117 (39.9K ) 106   -26
 Total PR Points: 141  PR Rank: #779
• When you see an asterisk * on a person's percentile that denotes they are missing sufficient logs for the heroic bosses I am tracking.
• Epeen percentiles show whichever spec has the most heroic experience. If you do both 10 and 25 man raids it will choose whatever raid size you have the most heroic experience in. If you have the same experience in both it gives preference to 25 man raids.

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